Stoll America has successfully made its North American footprint with the foundation of Stoll FTNY in 2009. The New York City based facility holds an esteemed market presence within the fashion industry through its strong relations with major brands, designers, and retailers.

Stoll America’s Senior Programmers work closely with highly skilled specialists to develop their envisioned shapes and patterns into a reality. Our NYC facility fully grasps the concept of “Fashion & Technology” and its purpose of connecting customers to our global network of knit specialists.
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Fast track sampling

Shorten your development process withthe help of STOLLFTNY. We provide an efficient full-service knitting workshop for which our 10 high performance knitting machines and finishing equipment on-site will make your sampling work that much simpler and cost-effective.
Our workshop covers all gauge ranges from E1,5.2 – E18, enabling limitless solutions for any sampling needs. 

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Stoll America’s historical stitch and pattern archive documents Stoll’s 145+ years of knitting excellence and provides a technological time-hop for customers to visualize the advancements made within our machinery, software, and knitting techniques.
Peruse our vintage sweaters, collection pieces, and state-of-the-art styles and get your creative gears flowing!

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Want to get a first-hand look at our archive, collections, machinery, and services but not sure where to start? Or, perhaps you want to walk us through your designs and concepts for sampling and production purposes?

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Hand knitting courses and workshops

Stoll Fashion & Technology offers specialized training sessions and workshops for knit lovers to gain more knowledge about knitwear construction and the development process.

We provide continuous training, covering a wide array of highly demanded knitwear-related topics such as manual knitting, “Quality assurance in knitwear production,” “Best practices for developing technical spec sheets,” and many others.
Seasonal workshops and lectures will be offered by industry renowned knit specialists in order to provide knitwear professionals with a deeper understanding of the various materials and compositions that can be used and how one can progress from knitting to finishing to production.

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