STOLL Easy Mask® - Smart 3D Design

The easy way to combine individualization with functionality!

The unique design of the 3D knitted Easy Mask® allows customization by retailers, on-demand production and cuts production waste below one percent. All single components can be removed, replaced and either reused or properly recycled. The wash ability of Easy Mask allows a repetitive use.

Build in ventilation increases breathability whilst limiting the spread of viruses. It does not protect the wearer from infection like certified medical facemasks.

The STOLL  Easy Mask®  is a patented product developed and manufactured by STOLL. We realize a small scale production for commercial customers and we are open to ideas for production under license.

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Data Sheet: STOLL Easy Mask®

DEZEEN awards 2020 – longlist

STOLL provides different designs of face masks* for sale (contact: and knitting programs (

The worldwide need for suitable equipment is more in demand then ever before. STOLL provides consultancy for flat knitted solutions for technical accessories and garments.

Thanks to the possibilities in flat-knitting technology, STOLL has succeeded in developing a generation of knitting masks that fit, are washable, reusable and comfortable. The face masks can even be used as a fashionable accessory.

With adaptations, the relevant programs can be used for all STOLL machine technologies. The STOLL face masks* can be produced on the following machines (ideally for gauge E14): CMS 202 ki B, CMS 303 ki B, CMS 330 ki BW, CMS 530 ki BcW and ADF 530-16 ki BcW.

*The STOLL face masks are neither medically nor otherwise tested and certified.

Discover the patterns of the STOLL face masks under:


Data Sheet face mask SC01, SC02
Data Sheet face mask TT01